• Hideya Suzuki (Dr.)
  • Kenichi Tahara (Gt.)
  • Kazutoshi Sakurai (Vo./Gt.)
  • Keisuke Nakagawa (Ba.)



For over 29 years, Mr.Children is the most popular Japanese bands of all time.

The band debuted in 1992. After their first hit single, “CROSS ROAD”(1993) was released,

the next single, “innocent world”(1994) was awarded for the Japan Record Award at the 36th Japan Record Awards.

In 2004, their song, “Sign” also received the Japan Record Award at the 46th Japan Record Awards.

Since then, out of 38 singles and 20 albums releases, 33 singles and 15 albums reached number-one on Japan’s Top Chart Ranking.

They are Japan’s one of the best-selling Bands.

They sold out a stadium tour with more than 700,000 fans in 2017.

In addition, the tour from 2018 to 2019 sold out more than 600,000 fans.

Lately, their popularity is reaching overseas especially to the Asian countries.

In 2019, the band had their first performance in Taiwan at the Taipei Arena.

With a Grammy Award-winning engineer, Steve Fitzmaurice the band’s latest album “SOUNDTRACKS” charted #1 in Japan which is recorded in LA and London.

They are now on the 29th year since the debut, shows that they are unafraid to reinvent their image and their sound as innovators.



The band's 20th album, 'SOUNDTRACKS' is available worldwide on music streaming services and for digital downloads!

Mr.Children's 20th album, titled SOUNDTRACKS, will be released on February 14th, 2021 on music streaming services and for digital downloads.



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